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We offer a top quality service, home service that is usually much more private, safer for the client and their pet. Avoid displacements.

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We Love Your Pet, Just as You Do!

I am a professional dog groomer offering mobile grooming services in the New York area. As a dog lover and owner myself, I understand the importance of providing personalized care for each and every dog. My goal is to make the grooming experience as stress-free as possible for both the dogs and their owners by providing a convenient and comfortable grooming service right at their doorstep. I have the necessary skills and equipment to groom dogs of all breeds and sizes, and I take pride in providing a high-quality and thorough grooming experience. Trust me to give your furry friend the care and attention they deserve.

My Location

I'm a mobile dog groomer, so I'll come to you! However, I'm happy to provide my address for your peace of mind. Contact me to book your at-home grooming appointment.

2147 78th St
Apt # 2nd floor
East Elmhurst N.Y

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Our mobile dog grooming services provide professional grooming in the comfort of your own home. We bring everything needed to provide a full range of grooming services, so you don't have to worry about a thing. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!

Dog Haircut

Our Dog Haircut service provides professional trimming and styling to keep your furry friend looking their best.

Dog Nail Trim

Service provides safe and efficient trimming of your dog's nails to keep them healthy and comfortable.

Dog Ear Cleaning

Gentle and effective cleaning of your dog's ears to prevent infections and promote good ear health.

Intimate Parts Dogs

Provides a gentle, deep clean to ensure your furry friend stays clean and comfortable in the private parts.

Dog Bath

Provides a thorough and refreshing bath to leave your furry friend feeling clean and smelling great.

Drying Dog

Efficient drying to keep your furry friend warm and comfortable after their bath or grooming session.

Dog Teeth Cleaning

Professional and effective cleaning to maintain your dog's dental health and hygiene.

Dog Glandular Anal

Gentle and careful expression of your dog's anal glands to prevent discomfort and potential health issues.


Happy Faces

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I was amazed at how convenient it was to have a professional groomer come to my home. My dog looks and smells great, and I didn't have to leave my house! - Jane M

Jane Foster

I'm so happy with the nail trimming service. My dog used to be terrified of getting his nails clipped, but the groomer was so gentle and patient. Now, he's not afraid at all! - Tom W.

Mike Ross

I've been using this service for over a year now, and I've never been disappointed. The groomer are skilled and friendly, and my dog always looks fantastic after every visit. - Lisa C.

Veronica Cullen

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